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EMAN CryoET Workshop with Prof. Steven Ludtke and Dr. Muyuan Chen (closed to the general public)

Sessions will alternate between theory talks and tutorial sessions. Participants will need to use their own laptops to participate in the tutorials (see below).

  • Day 1 - Introduction to EMAN 2.31, 2-D analysis and single particle methods
  • Day 2 - Tomography and subtomogram averaging pipeline (relies on Day 1 concepts)

The schedule does not include time for software installation! Make sure software is preinstalled and tested! Install EMAN2.31

Laptop Requirements

  • Participants in the tutorial sessions will need to use their own laptop computers. While the tutorials are scaled back versions of 'real' problems, a reasonably powerful laptop computer is still required.
  • Recommended laptop specifications:
    • 4 cores, 2.0+ ghz processor (4 cores, not threads)
    • 16 GB RAM
    • 50 - 75 GB of free disk space
    • high resolution capable display (1080P or similar recommended)
    • Mac/Linux preferred.
      • EMAN2 does support windows, but:
        • Windows users will need to be familiar with working from the command-line (often windows users don't even realize it exists)
        • there can be many different machine-specific problems with installation under Windows. Users are very strongly encouraged to install and thoroughly test the installation ASAP.

What if my laptop doesn't meet these specifications?

  • With 2 cores jobs will run slower, so you may get a bit behind in the demos, but can probably still participate
  • Most tutorials will probably be ok with 8 GB of RAM, but you may have some interactivity problems, and it is possible a few memory intensive tasks may not work right
  • While you will not need 75 GB of storage for any single demo, if you have less space than this you may, for example, have to move the first day's tutorial files to an external drive to make space for day 2 and so on...
  • If you plan to remotely log in to a more powerful computer for the tutorial, please see: Remote display in EMAN2


Please install the software and insure it works before the workshop. If you have problems ask for help by email before the workshop!



  • Please read Installation Instructions before downloading
  • Please install EMAN2.31
  • It is critical that you have EMAN2.31 installed. EMAN2.22 lacks many newly developed features we will cover.

Data for Tutorials (please download and make sure you have working space on your computer):

If you have problems please email Steve Ludtke <>