Greg Pintilie

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My research focuses on analysis of 3D maps produced by cryo-electron microscopy (cryoEM). In the past, I have extended methods from computer vision for segmentation of 3D maps and fitting/registration of known atomic models (Segger). Another interest are methods for assessing resolvability of atomic features in cryoEM maps (Q-scores), to allow a more meaningful comparison of features across maps with different voxel sizes, scales, and resolutions. I am also working on visualization and animation of molecular complexes to better understand their composition and function (Biomovie).



  • EMDataBank Unified Data Resource for 3DEM
  • C. Lawson, A. Patwardhan, M. Baker, C, Hryc, E.S. Garcia, B. Hudson, I. Lagerstedt, S. Ludtke, G. Pintilie, R. Sala, J. Westbrook, H. Berman, G. Kleywegt, and W. Chiu
  • Nucleic Acids Research, vol. 44, no. D1, pp. D396-403, Jan. 2016