Efforts at NCMI include development of software tools for reconstruction and analysis of 3D density maps of macromolecular complexes. Analysis includes segmentation, fitting of known structures from X-ray crystallography, building of de-novo models into high-resolution maps, and assessment or validation of the 3D density maps and models. Current and past development efforts include:

  • EMAN2 (Tutorials)
    • Particle picking, 3D reconstruction, etc.
  • Gorgon
    • Model building
  • Segger
    • Segmentation, rigid fitting of models into density
  • ModelZ
    • Measure and visualize the resolvability of structural features (α-helices, β-beta strands) in cryoEM maps using fitted models.
  • MapQ
    • Measure and visualize resolvability of inividualt atoms in cryoEM maps maps using fitted models.