ModelZ is a tool for assessing how well structural features are resolved in cryoEM maps. Structural features include:

  • Secondary Structure Elements (e.g. α-helices and β-sheets)
  • Side Chains

A fitted model is used in the analysis. A Z-score is calculated for each feature in the model, to quantify how well the feature is resolved in the density map. Z-scores can be:

  • used to visualize how well each feature is resolved, and/or
  • averaged to represent the entire model/map.

For more details, please see the following publication:

  • G. Pintilie and W. Chiu, “Assessment of Structural Features in Cryo-EM Density Maps using SSE and Side Chain Z-Scores,” J. Struct. Biol., Aug. 2018. Pubmed

ModelZ is available as a plugin to UCSF Chimera.

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