In-Residence Training Program


General Questions:

Contacts for Cryo-EM Services


S2C2 provides in-residency cryo-TEM training to the local and international research community. We invite researchers with a variety of EM skill levels to apply for our in-residency training program, which is offered by a team of cryo-EM experts.  Residency may vary in length and different aspects of cryo-TEM training will be addressed as requested by the applicant.

Who can apply?

Researchers (faculty and staff) and students with any level of qualifications that also include research experience (e.g. structural biology, biophysics and cryo-EM)

What documents are required?

  • Application form
  • Biosketch/CV upload
  • Statement of motivation
  • SLAC DOE Access form and related documents for site access

What research information and responsibilities must be specified?

  • Details of applicant's current research projects and participations
  • Justification of need to include cryo-EM in your current research and/or training responsibility in your affiliated lab
  • Specify how training at S2C2 will benefit the wider research community at your institution or region.

Applications will be reviewed and awarded based on the above criteria with consideration given to the scientific merit of research projects and geographic location of the home institution.

For what period of time can residency be requested?

  • Any suitable period from one week to one year
  • Period of residency will be determined by applicant’s need and available space at S2C2.

What aspects of EM training can be applied for?

  • Specimen preparation
  • Data collection
  • Image processing
  • modeling
  • others

Fees and Funding

No fees will be charged for in-residence training, EM instrumentation time or study materials. Residents’ home institutions need to provide all funds for living expenses, travel and accommodation.

Will any reading material be provided?

Successful applicants will receive online reading material, including video clips and PDF copies of material as needed.