Personalized Cryo-EM Training

Program Objective

S2C2 Personalized Cryo-EM Training provides training for specimen preparation, screening, and data collection.  This is a short-term (1-6 weeks) personalized training, focused on evaluating and optimizing new samples for high resolution cryo-EM projects.  The curriculum will follow the traditional cryo-EM workflow, but training will be tailored for samples that trainees want to optimize for their cryo-EM studies.  Our goal is to help investigators, either new to the field or with limited access to resources, successfully optimize their samples for high resolution data collection.  This program can be conducted remotely.

Who should apply?

  • To learn the freezing method to start on a new specimen
  • To overcome challenges in preparing grids for high-resolution studies
  • To learn how to screen specimens and assess the suitability of the grids 
  • To learn how to do high-resolution data collection with Titan Krios or Talos Arctica

What documents are required?

  • Application form
  • Biosketch/CV upload
  • Statement of Motivation
  • SLAC DOE Access form and related documents for site access

What research information and responsibilities must be specified?

  • Details of the applicant's current research projects and participations
  • Justification of the need to include cryo-EM in your current research and/or training responsibilities in your affiliated lab
  • Specify how training at S2Cwill benefit the wider research community at your institution or region