UN3373 Category B Shipments

Shipping CryoEM samples from SLAC

Biological products that are known or reasonably believed to contain infectious substances (i.e. pathogens including bacterial, viruses, parasites, fungi etc. as well as prions and prion-like materials) are classified in Category A or B.  Category A is an infectious substance which is transported in a form that, when exposure to it occurs, is capable of causing permanent disability, life-threatening or fatal disease in otherwise healthy humans or animals.  Any infectious substance that does not meet the criteria for inclusion in Category A will be classified as Biological substance, Category B (UN3373).

SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory does not have facilities for work classified as BSL3 and 4.  Therefore, our current policy does not permit biohazard materials categorized as RG3 and 4, which are likely to be classified as Category A substances.

For shipping a Category B substance, please provide the following;

  1. Shipper’s name and phone number
  2. Recipient’s name, home institution, address and phone number
  3. FedEx account number (9 digit)
  4. Short description of the material

Example:Cryo-fixed yeast cells (Saccharomyces cerevisiae) expressing mutant human huntingtin gene

  1. Number of grids
  2. Total amount of the material (in micrograms and/or concentration)

Example: Approximately 50pg/grid, total of 1 microgram (no more than 2 micrograms) on 20 grids

  1. MSDS if available
  2. Any additional supporting document on the material from the home institution (e.g. BUA)

All frozen grids are shipped in buttons contained in a 50ml conical in a charged, dry dewar with overnight shipping via FedEx.

For questions please contact Risa Benwell.