Unix Account Request for CryoEM Data Collection

There are a number of requirements for requesting and maintaining an active Unix account for cryo-EM data collection at our facility.  Please note that these are not group accounts.  A separate account should be set up for each individual accessing the data.

1)  Register in the User Portal so that you can be associated with a cryo-EM project proposal.

2)  Contact Lisa Dunn in the Cryo-EM User Office for directions about requesting a SLAC ID number and Unix account.

3)  Provide your first and second choices for a Unix account username to the User Office so that the account request can be made.

Username guidelines:

  • may contain digits 0-9, the lower-case letters a-z and the special character "-" (hyphen or dash)
  • must begin with a lower-case letter
  • must not be shorter than 3 or longer than 8 characters

4)  Acknowledge SLAC's Use of Information Resources policy.   This form will be sent to you via automated email from SLAC IT once your request has been approved.

5)  Complete the Cyber Security Basics Training course (CS-100) within 30 days of obtaining an account.  If not already done as part of the onsite badge requirement this link will be sent to you from SLAC IT.  The training must be completed within 30 days of obtaining an account and renewed on an annual basis.